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Improving your Home's Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Home Lighting can Enhance your Home's Features

Your curb appeal of your home is the most essential focal point when buyers come to view your home.  It’s the first thing buyers see and the last thought when buyers leave, so giving it the best attention you have is a must.  Lighting is a major asset to homes in general, from the interiors to the exteriors.  Adding lighting to the exterior of the home can highlight and enhance the charm of the architectural features that your home has to offer.  Having good lighting within your home is a plus to home buyers.  Not only will exterior lighting help with the visual appeal of your home but ensures the safe security of the home as well.  Take a look below at some suggestions on how exterior lighting can improve your curb appeal home staging.


Accentuating your home's architecture

Placing lighting around the perimeters of your home can actually bring out the unique qualities of it during the evening and night times of the day.  When going about selecting the lighting for your home consider the height, detailing and landscaping of your home that you prefer to be seen to the public.  You want the lighting to match up with the décor as well as the scenery around it.  For help with planning out the positioning of the exterior lighting go to an exterior lighting specialist or landscaping architect.

Safely Allow Guests to See your Gorgeous Home with Lighting

Safety Lighting for Visitors and Family

Most people are looking for homes due to their growing families, with that being said safety is essential and will help with your curb appeal. Lighting dark areas around your home or along walkways will help to avoid issues with dark stairs and uneven ground.  Survey your home, figure out when the sun sets around your home this will help your to note down the areas which need to be lighted for safety.  Opt for wall sconces and lanterns, that will be able to light your sidewalks, front entrances, driveways, and even stair lighting.

Security Lighting Keeps Intruders Away

This goes hand-in-hand with the safety of the home, by installing exterior flood lights will help to keep unwanted guests at bay.  Depending on where the home is located, could determine which type unwanted intruders you might encounter, such as wild animals or burglars.  Think about using lighting that can shine a fairly great distance from your home, for larger homes decide to install flood lights in the corners and again refer to a lighting professional for the proper fixtures you would need for your home.

Create a Plan for the Exterior Lighting

This can seem like a straight forward process, have a plan when it comes to installing your exterior light fixtures.  In some cases, if the home owner has a vast knowledge of lighting and the installation of the proper fixtures then they will probably do it themselves.  Yet, there is a number of those who will still need some guidance on these projects, therefore create layouts of the lights and where you prefer for them to be placed.  Call on a professional if you need assistance.

Your curb appeal is one of the most important features to your home.  It’s the first and last impression that the potential home buyers notice about your home.  Needless, to say it should be at the top of its game and exterior lighting is a great way to help accentuate it.  The lighting can help with décor, safety and security issues plus it makes the home more elaborate and inviting, which is what buyers enjoy.  If you want a sure fire way to add some spark to you curb’s appeal then give it some lights.  So, take another look above at some ways to bring out your home staging curb appeal with exterior lighting.

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